Everyone knows what the quality of his work is worth. Have you ever heard this saying before? I think about it everytime someone reminds us we aren't cheap! The shop is not unaware what we charge for our service, but we are also aware what it costs to provide good service. I am not one to normally re-state the obvious, but quality compressor, hydraulic and rig service is expensive. Definitely not as expensive as cheap work, but nonetheless expensive, and yet realistically, how is anyone supposed to know what constitutes the difference between quality compressor service and the balance of what's out there today? It isn't like there is someone to tell them or explain the difference. Not everyone seeking compressor or rig repairs seems interested in quality. Some are just interested in fast repairs, and some just in cheap prices. There is no real answer. There is no answer to the riddle that is quality compressor service today. I already know that, but every once in a while something happens that makes me know it's worthwhile to go the extra mile, such as giving that special time to the customers, and the results are generally pretty spectacular.

It happened this way. A frack rig owner brought in his machine which had a 900/350 compressor package mounted on it. As he explained it, the compressor would lug the engine down a couple hundred rpms at 350 psig, this being the problem he thought just started a couple of days back. At our facility, we started the units and warmed them up, ran an intercooler pressure reading on compressor, which was on the low scale but in the ball park (45 to 60 psig). Customer said ..."fix unit. Compressor and engine has over 1400 hours and the maintenance records are in the cab. We have checked your company's history, so fix it (he didn't ask how much it will cost or when will it be done). We have two other machines, so we won't be out of business...". He didn't say "you are too expensive" because we have a fully licensed and insured shop, technicians who are certified and constantly around professional training people, or you pay your technicians benefits like paid vacation, health insurance and more.

On these subject compressors, after repairs, there will be a test run and all compressor hoses replaced, lube control valves will be disassembled, inspected and replaced if needed. We extend the guarantee on just about all the compressors that are rebuilt for one year, and promote a complete breakdown on all repairs done. When and if there is a problem, there is someone to talk to, someone to resolve the problem before things get out of hand. Our "Customer Satisfaction Index" rating is consistently well over 99%, and perhaps the one thing we are most proud of is our meticulous attention to details.

Yet we stand accused by some people of being too expensive. If we are too expensive, exactly what constitutes good value in compressor service? What criteria stands to be judged by? Most repair parts are available to everyone in the market. How they are purchased by numbers usually dictates prices, and availability. I hear a lot about non-brand name parts and accessories, which sometimes are better, or as good as, the brand name units. The fact of the matter is I cannot say anything bad about good name brand thrust and roller bearings, as long as they are to specifications. How a compressor is assembled relates to longevity, if indeed the lube oil is kept clean and the unit is not abused operationally.

I know it really doesn't matter where the money comes from - parts - labor - what's the difference? Each of us has to make a certain amount of money each hour we are open or "the plane won't fly!". It's just that simple. In the end, every man probably knows what the quality of his work is worth....the only problem is not every man is willing to act upon it. How about you?

In regard to this above mentioned repaired compressor, after the unit was returned to service, with our service rep present to make sure all operational functions regarding loading/unloading and safety shutdown systems were operating properly, we acquired additional compressor work on their other units. Remember - PRICE is what you PAY - VALUE is what you GET.