Visitors reminiscing at the Jubilee's Walls of Honor usually found the experience to be often humorous, sometimes wistful, occasionally melancholy - and always interesting and worthwhile.

Representing Waymyers Drilling (Neeses, S.C.) are Tama Johnson and his kids TJ and Tamara. The classic rig outside the convention center was a most popular attraction.
The South Atlantic Well Drillers Association delivered the goods once again at its 46th annual Jubilee, but then nobody really expected anything less. Explains executive director Jane Cain: "One of our primary goals is to make the Jubilee both an exciting and valuable business experience, as well as a family affair where people can gather and enjoy being with friends and family." Mission accomplished, Jane.

The four-day conference and trade show drew approximately 4,500 visitors (up slightly over last year) and well over 200 vendors in more than 300 booths on the exhibit hall floor. As one of the premier events in the drilling industry, Jubilee attracts leading suppliers displaying the latest in products and services for drilling contractors, who showed up in droves to check out the offerings.

They covered a lot of ground at the general meeting of the South Carolina Ground Water Association.
And Jubilee set a new standard for its educational programming. The depth and breadth of the 22 seminars and workshops was most impressive and fully accomplished the group's goal of providing an extensive array of business and technological education opportunities. If it's a topic of importance to the drilling industry, there was a program available to address it. If you absolutely had to complain about something, it would be that there were so many good programs going on, it was difficult at times to choose among them.

New association officers were installed for their 2001-2002 terms. William Caldwell (Caldwell Well Drilling, Fishersville, Va.) is president; Dottie Mixon Roberts (Mixon Drilling, San Antonio, Fla.) is secretary; and the new treasurer is Calvin Falwell (Falwell Corp., Lynchburg, Va.).

Congratulations are in order for Robert Royall (Royall Pump and Well Co., Powhatan, Va.), honored with the association's annual George McCall Award for his tireless efforts on behalf of the South Atlantic drilling industry. This year's Vendor Appreciation Award went to the Water Systems Council for taking an active role in promoting and protecting the private well industry.

Feeling pretty good about their outstanding performance at the 2001 National Driller Jubliee Golf Outing (l-r): Tom Miller and Chris Miller of Acker Drill Co., and Richmond Perry and Franklin Perry of E-Z Set Tank Co. If you ever go up against these guys on the link, be sure to get some strokes from them.
And we'll pass along the Jubilee's thanks to all the forward-thinking contractors who made the trip and the leading supplier companies that exhibited, with special appreciation to the companies and individuals for their help with the following:

  • Door Prizes - Aries, Baroid, Bestolife, Boshart, Brandon & Clark Campbell Mfg., Ditch Witch of Carolina's, Endot, F.E. Myers, Fairbanks Morse, Goulds, Heller-Aller, Jacuzzi Bros., Morse Environmental, NGWA, Water Well Journal, PipeLife, Pul-A-Pump, PW Pipe, Red Jacket, Rotary Drilling, Silverline, Smeal, Star Iron, VAMAC, Well Mate and Wyo-Ben.
  • Horseshoes Tournament - Charles & Charles Falwell
  • Monday Breakfast - Amtrol Inc.
  • Tuesday Breakfast - Noland Co.
  • Desserts at Pickard Dinner - Grundfos Pumps

Looking ahead to next year, the South Atlantic Well Drillers Association will present its 47th annual Jubilee. It will be in Myrtle Beach again; it will be at the end of July again; and it will be a great show again.

A big day for the Grosch family (l-r): Greg (holding Grant), Wayne, Mort, Spencer and Dick.

Sidebar: Not Your Usual Booth Visit

When most folks visit an exhibit booth, they're used to receiving a hat or candy or some other kind of trinket. What Greg Grosch found waiting for him at the Foremost Industries Inc. booth didn't quite fit into a handbag. Grosch Drilling and Exploration was looking for another rig (presumably used) to help expand the firm's capabilities in loss circulation and exploration drilling at its Dublin, Ga., branch. Greg didn't know it, but his father and uncles did the stealth purchase of a new rig and had it waiting for him at the show as a surprise. When Greg showed up at the Foremost booth, his family asked him what he thought of the rig they were looking over. Duly impressed by the fine machine, he replied, "Yeah, it's great." His family told him to look at it from around the corner by the driver's side door. When he saw his company's name on the rig, he checked his watch to make sure it wasn't April Fool's day and asked if this was some sort of extremely expensive practical joke. Assured that he was indeed the proud owner of the new rig, Greg spent the rest of the show hovering about two feet above the ground.