There's been no more snoring at Howard "Porky" Cutter's house since he underwent a deviated septum (nose job) operation.

This month my article will be a little short due to my recovery from a deviated septum (nose job) operation.

For many years, I have had a problem with breathing through my nose and loud snoring. It has been known for many years that when Porky sleeps, nobody else sleeps.

After my wife insisted that the doctors check my nostrils for restricted flow, they found that they were in fact restricted. Hence, the nose job.

There was no pain before, during or after the operation. However, they did put me to sleep. I awoke to find all was over except for the swelling and inability to breathe through my nose. Only then did I realize that I could not eat and breathe or talk and breathe through my mouth at the same time. Believe me, when Porky can't eat or talk and breathe, there is a serious problem.

However, it did give me time to read my favorite publication: National Driller.

Some two weeks later, I still have some swelling and restricted breathing. Every day it gets easier to breathe through my nose.

However if nothing else, I have been advised that I no longer snore (sleep) loudly. I also have been told that in the near future I should have more energy due to a restful sleep at night.

For those people who sleep loudly, I would suggest that you be tested for a restricted airflow through your nose. If you have that problem, get it fixed. It may stop your snoring. Bess says I can move back into the house to sleep at night now.