The pump division of Flowserve Corp., Irving, Texas, has been selected by the Southern Nevada Water Authority to supply source water pumps for its Lake Mead Intake No. 2 project. Between July 2003 and October 2004, Flowserve will provide 16 vertical turbine pumps valued at $16 million. The deep-setting, vertical tubine pumps to be installed are three-stage models meeting an initial nominal duty point of 360 feet total differential head at 21,000 gpm. Used in parallel operation, the pumps will be installed at settings to 180 feet and driven by 3,000-Hp totally enclosed, water-to-air cooled synchronous motors operating at 900 rpm. The pumps have been sized to allow on-site addition of a fourth stage with a setting of 260 feet. The water drawn from Lake Mead will be transmitted to two facilities that will utilize ozonation in the water treatment process.