The National Drilling Association (NDA) is partnering with to place its driller certification program online to expand its reach in the geotechnical, environmental and mineral exploration segments of the drilling market.

"NDA is committed to making it easier for drillers to access training and safety resources, and this partnership to place NDA exam programs on will greatly enhance this effort," says R. Alan Garrard, president of NDA. "This unique partnership will make it easier for professionals to obtain and maintain the required certification."

The NDA's certification program is the only one of its kind in the drilling industry and is being considered as the basis for licensing in several states. NDA offers certification for senior drillers, journeyman and monitor well drillers. Exams test the driller's knowledge in five areas: geology and ground water movement, drilling practice, drill rig safety, monitoring well installation and geotechnical drilling procedures. NDA also will be adding a new certification course on drilling safety based on NDA's 48-page Drilling Safety Guide.

For more information about NDA training and certification programs, call 727-577-5006 or visit