Directional Boring 2000 - The first trade show devoted exclusively to the rapidly growing directional boring industry.

The first trade show devoted exclusively to the rapidly growing directional boring industry will be held December 7-9 in Shreveport, LA.

Directional Boring 2000 is expected to feature more than 50 exhibitors and about 50,000 square feet of exhibit space at the Expo Center on Clyde Fant Parkway near downtown Shreveport.

"We felt that it was time for the directional boring industry to have its own show," said Tim Loncarich, president of CogniSense Inc., of Grand Junction, CO, which is presenting the show. "The industry is growing about 30% a year and directional boring is a $7 to $10 billion dollar a year industry, so it's definitely big enough for its own show."

Loncarich said other trade shows have gotten larger every year and "even though directional boring is booming, the industry seems to get lost in the shuffle to a certain extent.

"Our show is smaller than some other trade shows, but more focused," he added.

Besides the exhibitors, who will include most US and some foreign manufacturers of directional boring rigs, Loncarich said the event will also feature a job fair.

"This is a relatively new industry and we don't have enough trained people so we will be running a job fair to try to attract new people to the industry. We are advertising the job fair in a 500-mile radius of Shreveport and working with about a dozen high schools and technical schools in the area. We also will have a contractor's row at the show where people can pick up and drop off applications," he said.

Unlike trade shows where drilling is performed only on a demonstration basis, Loncarich said show organizers hope to have two or three actual boring projects underway, possibly including boring under an Interstate highway for the City of Shreveport.

"It would save the city about $200,000 for us to be able to do it for them and it would allow us to demonstrate state-of-the-art directional boring technology and allow people to visit a real job site instead of a demonstration as part of the show," Loncarich said.

The CogniSense president said the show will feature free workshops on Tru-Tracker and NorthStar Polaris wireless downhole guidance systems. A two-day mud school and solids control workshop, for which there is a fee, will feature hands-on experience at the show's directional boring project site.

Numerous presentations are scheduled during the three-day event, including sessions on the state of the industry, directional boring as a career, marketing directional boring, mishap prevention, and a presentation for engineers on how to design directional boring projects. The presentations and workshops will be conducted on the exhibit floor to provide greater exposure for those events and the exhibits.

Loncarich said activities included in Directional Boring 2000 will be featured on the Internet as a virtual trade show, including live video feeds, presentation and exhibitor information.

"The presentations will be video taped and put on the Web site the same day. We will also have them available for sale on site for show attendees. Other shows don't record the presentations so the information is lost unless you're there to hear it. We feel this information is way too valuable to just present it to the people who attend the show," Loncarich said.

"Since the Web site will stay up for two years, we expect to reach at least 100,000 people and to exceed any other show of its kind in total attendance."

A special feature during the show will be the ability for visitors logging onto the virtual trade show to e-mail any exhibitors at their show booth and to receive replies via e-mail from them.

Loncarich said he hopes Directional Boring 2000 will help unify the growing industry.

"The directional boring industry has really been disconnected from itself and there has been a lack of unity. The theme is 'Bringing the Directional Boring Community Together' so we can work together to solve some of the problems of the industry," he added.

Registration information, lists of exhibitors, presentations, and other data about Directional Boring 2000 is available on the show's Web site at