I watch a lot of TED Talks. A natural instinct in me wants to find the best way to do anything, whether it’s being an editor or a husband or a father — whatever. They offer a lot of good advice and it’s all free and readily available on the web.

Over the weekend, I watched a video of a talk given by author Simon Sinek. I don’t know Sinek and who he is isn’t particularly important to drillers or drilling. But, I did want to share one of his ideas:

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Let me talk first about working for a magazine, then I’ll get to drilling. The why for me comes down to telling the stories of people. Yes, I enjoy the mechanics of doing what I do: interviewing people, writing, editing and publishing. It’s the result of those efforts, though, that forms the why. I like hearing about people’s experiences and sharing those experiences so that others may learn or grow from them, or simply relate to them.

That’s my why. What’s yours? 

It’s great if you have a lofty why. Giving people access to water gets me up in the morning. A solid building begins with an expertly drilled foundation. Geothermal is the future of residential and commercial heating and cooling. 

But, I bet a lot of contractors do it for the money. That’s OK. Drilling can be good money and contractors should be honest with clients. People pick up on honesty (or, rather, they definitely pick up on dishonesty). But clients might respond even better if you take it a step further and explain to them why you need the money.  

For example: 

Awesome Drilling: Turning to the Right to Support Our Families Since 1973 

Family is important to most everyone. Telling clients that you and your crew support families with the money they pay you will resonate. 

Think for a minute about your why. If you’re just punching a clock, clients see that in the work you do and the attitude you bring to the jobsite. If you have a clear why, boil it down to 10 words and put it on your business cards. Put it on your website. Rattle it off when you answer the phone. Share it on social media. Live up to it. 

Once you have it, your why will show in how you do your work and in every interaction with clients. They will notice and, over time, their recommendations will turn into more work for you and your company.  

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. It’s good advice, regardless of what you do. 

Stay safe out there, drillers.