For small drilling, mining, or construction businesses, achieving a high Return on Investment (ROI) is essential not just for growth but for survival likewise. Many in the drilling industry have scoured resources for organic ROI enhancement tactics that bolster profitability and brand expansion. Still, this endeavor is often met with confusing and time-consuming strategies that are not viable for the small business owner or manager to maintain. Fortunately, at The Driller, we aim to guide you towards profitability and productivity with sustainable strategies and give you the ‘411’ without the ‘911’ panic and overwhelm that far too often tears humble businesses down.

Simply put, the best way to increase your company’s ROI organically is to use a mixture of standard massive ROI generators and content creation that organically generates leads. The generators you use must be organic, as inorganic ROI strategies can lead to you and your company being penalized for grey or even black hat marketing tactics. The reason content creation is so valuable to ROI is that it helps attract potential consumers organically and helps your SEO rate significantly as well. 

But how can a business owner or manager in these labor-laden fields truly find the time and energy to boost their ROI organically when the difference between success and failure is time they likely don’t have? This is where these simple foundational tips below come into play. 

Organically Increasing Your Humble Company's ROI

The most effective way to organically increase your company’s ROI is through a combination of proven ROI boosters and content creation that naturally attracts potential clients. The focus on organic methods is crucial; inorganic strategies, such as paid advertising, can lead to penalties for using grey or black hat tactics.

Organic content creation is invaluable because it naturally draws potential customers to your website and significantly enhances your search engine optimization (SEO), making your business more visible online.

The Benefits of Organic Growth for SEO

While the allure of quick results from inorganic methods is tempting, these often lead to penalties and diminished returns over time. Organic strategies, however, are sustainable and favored by search engines like Google in rankings.

Inorganic methods might offer immediate spikes in site traffic, but they can lead to long-term financial losses and, if not managed properly, even penalize your site. 

According to Search Engine Journal, “A website that is penalized by Google will receive a manual action report via Google Search Console. Once the noted violation is fixed, there is a requirement to explain the origins of the problem as well as the resolution in a ‘Reconsideration Request.’”

This being said, organic methods are natural and are treated as such by Google’s algorithm when ranking your site. In the long run, your results from organic ROI-generating marketing strategies are sure to be leaps and bounds above those of inorganic methods. This is where the value of organic ROI strategies becomes most evident.

Fundamental ROI Strategies for Small Businesses

Start by examining your company's costs and making cuts where needed. For instance, if you have two departments working on the same projects, consolidating and simplifying your workflow may be in your best interest to save money and production costs. 

Next, consider investing in other industries or projects internally. Investing internally, perhaps in new drilling technologies or staff training, can drive your business forward and maintain profitability. Additionally, continuously evaluate the relevance and value of your services to ensure they meet the needs of your target market.

The reason for this is that your efforts can help fund your vision and also help you stay profitable throughout your first years in business and beyond. 

Lastly, examine your products or services and ask yourself whether they are useful or valuable to your target audience. You can also test your products or services on your target audience before launch to ensure that they enjoy your brand and find ways to improve your identity. 

These are the most common ways to increase your ROI organically, and we at The Driller will be the first to admit they are highly successful for countless businesses worldwide. But what happens when your ROI stagnates, and these traditional methods are no longer viable for your brand? To answer this, let’s take a look at the connection that content has with modern ROI marketing methods and how it can transform your profitability and site traffic exponentially below. 

The Power of Content Creation in Driving ROI

Now that you know the most common ROI strategies, let’s discuss the more modern and effective organic approach to generating massive ROI: ContentJill Knorath once said, “What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas." With this being said, it’s no wonder why content has become the new, fresh idea to increase ROI through target audience engagement. But how does this method work, and what steps should the average business take to see these modern ROI results as soon as possible?

Well, it’s simple. Essentially, the strategy relies on creating content that intrigues your audience, centers around the most common questions they search for answers to online, and is enriched with keywords and links to help it rank higher on Google. Take a look at the most viewed posts you’ve made or even the conversations you have with your customers each and every day, and you’re bound to find patterns that interest them and what they want to know more about. This is the foundation with which your content strategies should be built. 

You can also start by looking at the topics your competitors have written about on their own blogs and create your own versions of these topics with more in-depth and useful information within them. If your competitors talk about how water scarcity affects the water well drilling industry, go one step further and find quotes, talk to important leaders in the water well field, and don’t be afraid to develop video and podcast content as well that covers the subject in a more digestible and entertaining way. 

Once you have a list of content topics to write about, start implementing them weekly. Be sure to share them on social media, link to them on forums, and possibly create a link building strategy for the future. All of these methods combined are sure to increase your site traffic, and by creating a content marketing funnel, you can easily guide people to your products or services to increase profits significantly through content alone. 

ROI Wrap-Up

While traditional ROI methods still hold value, integrating modern content strategies can reinvigorate your business and lead to substantial growth. The key is consistency and quality. While it may seem like more is better, you must ensure that the content you develop resonates effectively with the drilling, construction, or mining fields and is also something you can continue to build upon each and every week. This is where success is found. 

For further guidance on crafting a marketing strategy that fits your small drilling business, look at The Driller's Groundbreaking Business Tools hub. We're here to help you drill deeper into the market and extract greater value from your efforts without all of the complications and technical jargon that drags you down!