The TD-Diver from Van Essen Instruments is a robust submersible datalogger crafted for accurate, long-term monitoring of water levels. Utilizing a precision pressure sensor submerged at a fixed level, the TD-Diver offers real-time, uninterrupted data collection ideal for both groundwater and surface water applications.

Key Features of the TD-Diver

  • Durability and Design: The TD-Diver is designed for extended use, with a lifespan of up to 10 years and a sturdy stainless steel (316 L) casing that measures just 22 mm in diameter. This design simplifies deployments in boreholes and other challenging environments.

  • Memory Capacity: Equipped with substantial memory, the TD-Diver can record data every 15 minutes for up to two years without the need for data retrieval. It supports up to 72,000 measurements of pressure and temperature data in both its working and backup memory, ensuring enhanced data integrity and redundancy.

  • Efficiency: With its fast download speeds, the TD-Diver minimizes the time technicians need to spend in the field, making it an efficient tool for busy professionals.

  • Compatibility: The datalogger is fully compatible with all existing Diver accessories, facilitating easy integration into current systems.

  • Versatile Measurement Range: Available in multiple pressure ranges, including 10 m, 20 m, 50 m, and 100 m, the TD-Diver is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of monitoring needs.

The operation of the TD-Diver involves measuring the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water above the sensor, which it converts into an accurate depth measurement. Additionally, it records temperature data, which is crucial for various analytical needs in hydrology.


The TD-Diver is particularly well-suited for applications in both ground and surface water monitoring. Its reliable data collection and robust build make it a preferred choice among professionals dealing with environmental monitoring, water resources management, and similar fields requiring precise and continuous data.

For professionals in the drilling and environmental science sectors looking for a dependable water level monitoring solution, the TD-Diver by Van Essen Instruments offers a combination of durability, precision, and ease of use that can significantly enhance operational efficiency and data reliability.