On this week’s episode, anchor Brock Yordy talks about building the 21st-century workforce needed to meet demand in geothermal and other types of drilling. We, of course want to have conversations about safety, equipment and compensation. But Yordy says we also want to offer a clear career path and an even clearer, aspirational goal: They get to help contribute solutions to energy and resource scarcity.

“You want to know why gen Z isn’t getting muddy on groundwater wells and geothermal loop fields?” Yordy asks. “We haven’t shown them the value or the milestones, and how rewarding this industry can be. … These are all things we’re going to have to think about if we want to be able to get these individuals muddy, get them in the field, get them excited.”

This episode covers:

  • Preventing heat stress and other heat-related health conditions
  • Tips for minimizing the risks of summer heat for drilling, construction work
  • Recruiting people to work in drilling and construction
  • Growth prospects for geothermal and ground-source heat pumps
  • The need for more drillers in geothermal
  • How “dirty” jobs like drilling can appeal to millennials and younger people

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Drilling expert Brock Yordy is a regular The Driller contributing writer. Send news tips and interview suggestions to questions@askbrock.com.