On this episode, we start with Terry Morse, CEO of NGWA, who gives us an update on the group’s training initiatives. Then, host Brock Yordy talks to Nocona Williams of Venture Drilling Supply about the challenges (and opportunities) she sees trying to solve equipment issues for driller clients.

“I’m not afraid to email the CEO of a company requesting a part that maybe they haven’t made in 10 years, asking them for the designs so that we can take it somewhere else,” Williams says. “You never know what they’re going to say unless you ask. That’s how you have to be if you do want to solve problems. You just have to go for it.”

This episode covers:

  • The risks of using the wrong tool for a job
  • Mitigating risk through proper tool use
  • Contractor education and training in the 21st century
  • Making people aware of trades opportunities
  • Expanding awareness of geothermal
  • Retrofitting existing buildings for geothermal
  • The challenges and opportunities of serving the drilling industry
  • Solidarity for women in trades

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