Host and drill trainer Brock Yordy this week talks about tactics and considerations for large-scale, off-site disposal of drilling fluids. It’s Ask Brock episode 126.

“We are environmental stewards that have to protect the environment, and drilling fluids are designed to encapsulate, to coat, to do things to bring cuttings out of the ground and stabilize, and we have to be able to dispose of them properly,” Yordy says.

In this episode, he also touches on:

  • TCLP, or Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, testing
  • Disposal partners
  • Disposal sites
  • Making sure disposal is part of a drilling contract, and the importance of bidding correctly
  • Drilling fluids math
  • Displacement and other sources of fluids that would require disposal
  • Solids control units
  • Efficient water usage

He also reminds the audience that drillings fluids are largely water, but that solids are an “X factor” in the disposal equation.

“The deeper we go, what do we get into that could impact the toxicity?”

Click the video to hear more.

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