On Drilling In-Site, episode 28, hosts Jeremy Verdusco and Brock Yordy talk about how to get young people and others interested and, yes, excited about joining the drilling industry. We hear a lot about how employers have a tough time getting new talent. Well, in this episode, we approach the issue from the perspective of that new talent.

Did you just graduate high school or a trade college, and are considering drilling? Do you work in another heavy equipment field and need a change? We recorded this episode for you. Our talk goes into detail about what you need to know if you’re considering a drilling career, as well as how a candidate can catch the attention of hiring managers in the industry.

“Short of being that triage doctor that brings somebody back to life, getting to provide water as life and resources as life is pretty damn rewarding.”

As our audience can attest, drill can be hard, dangerous, muddy work. But it’s not without its pros, like good pay, a strong “family” culture across the industry and the chance to travel. Whether it’s drilling water wells in Illinois or exploring for rare minerals in Botswana, drilling has a lot to offer young folks ready to work.

“Our civilization doesn’t progress without us being able to find these resources and establish a center point,” Yordy says. “That’s why the well is the center of many villages and places around the world.”

This episode covers topics like:

  • Recruiting
  • What to look for in new drilling hires
  • Jumping into drilling from other heavy equipment industries
  • Training and mentoring new drillers
  • Quality of life
  • Travel opportunities for those with drilling skills
  • Recruiting drilling talent in other industries like truck driving
  • The age gap in drilling and other trades

Check out today’s episode to hear more. Watch the video here or listen to the audio version of our conversation at www.thedriller.com/insite-podcast. You can also find our show on Apple Podcasts. Search for Drilling In-Site, then hit Subscribe.

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