What the heck happened to the print edition of The Driller? We get this question a lot, so we’re taking it on again. This week, Ask Brock episode 97 discusses criticism of The Driller from social media. As a born-and-bred driller who grew up reading the pages of the former National Driller around his dad’s shop, host Brock Yordy sympathizes with folks who miss the print edition.

“Man, do I love the paper magazine,” he says. “But I love the digital just as much because in an instant I can share it, I can get somebody else to sign up and subscribe, and we’re all sharing great, relevant information.”

We’ve seen and heard the comments, and acknowledge the tough time some readers have with our move to digital only. We don’t like losing readers any more than contractors like losing bids. If you or someone in your shop has stopped reading because of our digital move, let us know. We welcome the chance to make the case directly. We might just help you see the advantages we do in our eMagazine, as well as other offerings like podcasts and videos we’ve added. If not, we’re both better for having had the conversation. Send story ideas, coverage suggestions and, yes, complaints to verduscoj@bnpmedia.com. With your help, this magazine can last another 40 years.

Brock has more to say, so click the video to hear more.

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