Mining equipment monitoring and automation provider MineWare says it has developed the mining industry’s first artificial intelligence-based drill automation platform, Phoenix AI, for aftermarket blasthole drill operations.

“Compatible with all blasthole drill makes and models, Phoenix AI is an independent system that allows machine operators to automate their entire drill cycle at the push of a single button, without compromising the OEM control system,” says Phoenix AI Product Manager Curtis Stacy.

He says the system’s AI mitigates common drilling faults and improves performance.

“The new layer of technology helps drills work faster and smarter to improve machine performance, hole quality, detect and correct down-the-hole faults, optimize drill and blast outcomes, and drive efficiencies downstream.”

MineWare in a release says giving operators the ability to hand more control to the machine can eliminate operator variability, a major cause of poor hole quality and machine stress — cutting maintenance costs and extending the life of drills.

“Phoenix AI uses artificial intelligence to eliminate the need to even tune operational parameters on the machine,” Stacy adds.

In autonomous mode, Phoenix determines the design hole depth based on the engineered drill plan and uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically generate and adjust force on the drill bit and rotary rpm to match ground conditions.

“The AI is capable of testing new drilling parameters and determining positive or negative outcomes based upon that testing,” he says. The AI-based decision engine continuously monitors and responds to geologic faults, making instant corrections as needed. “This results in the highest production possible, within machine design parameters, and supports long term continuous improvement.”

The Phoenix AI system is compatible with all blasthole drill makes and models and now available worldwide.

MineWare makes monitoring and automation support systems for the surface mining industry. They service over 380 systems across more than 130 surface mining operations globally. MineWare is part of the Komatsu Technology group of companies. For more information, visit