Training and professional development are critical for drillers, and required in some states. But that training and development often happens in-person or at state or regional groundwater industry events. Covid-19, however, has derailed in-person training and many events. What are drillers to do for those CEUs?

Host Jeremy Verdusco, editor of National Driller, and co-host Brock Yordy, expert drill trainer and National Driller writer, explore some of the issues around continuing educating and professional development in today’s episode of Drilling In-Site. We speak with two people who regularly run training programs for drillers: Thomas R. Howe III, senior geosciences specialist Western, Michigan University’s Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, and Capt. Jacob Fletcher, U.S. Air Force senior leadership, RED HORSE well drilling training program. Howe helps run WMU’s Hydro Field Camp, a six-week intensive program in drilling and hydrogeology, and Fletcher leads two-week trainings for the RED HORSE, which builds critical infrastructure like water wells for the U.S. Military. We discuss current training issues, training safely, the impact the pandemic has had on drillers’ ability to get required CEUs, and how it has affected their own training programs.

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