Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling in Bloomsburg, Pa., got its start in 1971 when Frank Stackhouse retired from the military. With just one service truck and a 1946 cable tool machine, Frank and his brother-in-law launched the local well drilling company, which provides residential and commercial water well drilling.

Frank’s son Dave started learning the family business at just 13 years old and officially took over Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling in 1997. The company remains a family business today with Dave Stackhouse’s daughter and two sons-in-law also involved. Daughter Tisha Book is the sales manager and handles general administrative duties, while son-in-law Ben Book is head of water systems. Another son-in-law, Shaun Hummer, works as a drill rig operator for water wells. Dave Stackhouse intends to pass ownership onto his family members and has begun training them in the areas of customer service and field operations.

Over the last 46 years, Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling has evolved from a two-man well drilling operation to a team of eight full-time employees who provide a variety of commercial and residential water well drilling services that includes grouting, monitor drilling, test hole drilling, test pumping and hydrofracking — a process that involves injecting water under high pressure into the bedrock formation around a well to fracture the rock and increase the flow of water into the well.

“We’re the only well drilling company in a 30- to 40-mile radius that does hydrofracking,” Stackhouse says. “Hydrofracking enables water to flow into a well quicker and increases water yield.”

Employee training and continuing education are important aspects of Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling’s business operation. All employees have attended classes and seminars at the Goulds Water Technology Factory School in Seneca Falls, N.Y.

“We make it a priority to send our employees because it’s so important to know proper application and stay abreast of new technologies,” Stackhouse says.

The company operates with state-of-the-art equipment, including a fleet of five service trucks and specialized Goulds Water Technology pumps and drilling products.

“Goulds Water Technology has a very good reputation and people trust them,” Stackhouse says. “The brand delivers a great product and backs up what they sell.”

A member of the Goulds Professional Dealer Association (GPDA) since the 1970s, Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling has reaped many benefits of the program, from cellular phone discounts for employees and points earned on product purchases, to educational opportunities and support.

Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling’s ongoing commitment to its customers has been invaluable to the company’s success. For more information, visit the Stackhouse and Son Well Drilling on the Web at