RockWare is releasing new borehole log software, LogPlot 8, to assist geoscientists with the display of their geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud/gas and mining data as graphic logs.

The new version is designed to make the creation of detailed borehole and well log reports easier and more flexible with updated data editing tools and connectivity to the RockWorks17 database. Key additions to the program include new text formatting tools, new contact line styles, an enhanced pattern editor, and new display options for subsurface and well construction information.

The Log Designer interface has also undergone major upgrades. The Log Designer tab can be undocked and includes an easily-accessible list of design items. The interface includes a new zoom mode to enhance editing of small items, as well as a lock option to hold design items in place.

LogPlot 8 also features:

  • New fracture tools for displaying oriented fracture data collected from core or image logs.
  • A new column/group manager for customizing data tabs and columns based on customer data entry needs.
  • New color display options for downhole curves and bar graphs.
  • Support for importing AGS data.
  • New, modern network license manager.
  • New and updated example templates, including many based on state and federal agency boring logs.
  • Improved graphic export tools, including support for PDF files.
  • New Unicode support, which allows for the use of global language fonts.  

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