The ChemGrout CG-680 High Pressure series is a high-pressure, high-capacity, skid-mounted colloidal grout plant. The HP colloidal series mixes and pumps slurries of cement, flyash, bentonite and lime flour. Each grouting machine in the series is designed to provide a continuous mixing and pumping operation. The units feature a 17-cubic-foot homogenizing colloidal mixer, a 17-cubic-foot agitated storage tank and a 32 GPM grout pump. The colloidal mixer is equipped with a 2-by-3-by-12 high-shear centrifugal diffuser-type pump that disperses the material down to its finest particle size to achieve complete particle wetness. The mixing tank is also equipped with a bridge breaker to break apart the material before entering the colloidal mixer. The agitated storage tank is equipped with a variable speed high-efficiency paddle mixer that maintains a thoroughly mixed grout while waiting to be pumped. The grout pump is connected directly to the agitated storage tank to provide a continuous pumping operation. The grout pump is a positive displacement, high capacity, double acting plunger pump. The rugged steel frame stands up to the toughest conditions on the construction site. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.