TEI Rock Drills has launched an informational video that demonstrates the TEI HEM Hydraulic Excavator Drilling Attachment and its 360-degree dual positioning swivels. The new video presents the double swivels’ benefits in challenging low, high and confined applications.

The animated video displays the range of motion offered by the attachment’s 360-degree capabilities in a soil nailing jobsite. TEI HEM drilling attachments are excavator platforms designed with versatility in mind, available for ground improvement, earth retention and rock drilling applications. The patented HEM system combines TEI drifters featuring Automatic Stroke Adjustment or rotary heads with an advanced feed system.

The video also presents the functionality incorporated into the HEM drilling attachment. The HEM connects easily with quick couplers to minimize attachment change-out time. With minimal effort, drillers can utilize multiple attachments for a single excavator or share an HEM attachment with more than one rig.

The TEI HEM drilling attachment is radio-directed, and provides operators with exacting controls and a clear line of sight. TEI drilling attachments are also available with an EU-certified protective cover that meets current European equipment standards.

The new HEM video demonstrates the performance-driven technology behind the TEI HEM Hydraulic Excavator Drilling Attachment. The movie can be viewed at the TEI Rock Drills YouTube channel and website.

TEI designs and manufactures drilling attachments, limited access drills and drill rig components. Each item is available individually to the contractor and equipment manufacturer. All 46 employees work at their headquarters in Montrose, Colo. To learn more, go to www.teirockdrills.com