BASKI inflatable downhole packers and flow control valves may be used for applications including investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.  Designed and manufactured in Denver, the long-lasting packers/frackers and FCVs have been used in the field for more than two decades. A packer is an expandable plug used to isolate sections in a well or borehole. Baski manufactures inflatable packers for a variety of applications including pumping, injection, hydro-fracturing, grouting, flow control, testing and sampling. The company made the world's first downhole flow control valve in 1992, which was installed in Highlands Ranch, Colo. for Centennial Water and Sanitation District.  Since then, Baski has manufactured more than 180 FCVs, which have been installed mostly in the western U.S. BASKI products provide drilling professionals the equipment needed for efficient and cost-effective environmental projects worldwide.  Company engineers utilize updated technology and strategies to design equipment based on a client’s project’s needs.