Doosan Portable Power has introduced an Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) as an option for the G70 and larger generator models in its product lineup. 

The internally-packaged ILMS improves machine performance and decreases potential downtime associated with Tier 4-compliant mobile generators when applied in light load or cyclic applications. The ILMS also reduces fuel costs compared with other methods of adding supplemental load.

Diesel generators with Tier 4-interim engine systems operating below 30 percent of rated capacity or in extremely cold environments often cannot produce the required internal heat to effectively complete diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration, an aftertreatment process that consumes particles and impurities in the exhaust stream in order to meet emission standards. Similarly, Tier 4-Final engine systems equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment technology require elevated exhaust temperatures for periodic conditioning of the SCR system to maintain efficiency and performance.

The Doosan Portable Power-patented ILMS creates supplemental heat within the exhaust system, which aids in the passive regeneration process required for reliable generator performance without limiting the generator capacity by adding sizable load. Unlike methods that employ conventional load banks to elevate exhaust temperatures, the ILMS adds a relatively small amount of load and applies the heat generated by the ILMS directly to the aftertreatment system. As result, the ILMS is able to achieve the temperature threshold needed to ensure proper aftertreatment performance more efficiently than load bank systems.

Integrated controls in the ILMS allow the generator to instantaneously respond to fluctuating load demands, ensuring that the total rated output of the generator is always available. The system requires no operator control or monitoring. It is automatically compatible with any voltage output produced by the generator.

Doosan Portable Power plans to make the ILMS option available on new Tier 4-Final models of the G70, G125, G150, G190, G240 and G325 mobile generators, as well as select Tier 4-interim models.

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