Close to the city center of Paris, a Liebherr LB 24 rotary drilling rig is being used by the construction company Bouygues SA for the erection of a new apartment building. In the business district La Défense, located west of the inner city, an 18-story building, housing both apartments and a school, is being constructed.

Due to the fact that the new building complex is situated directly beside a track of the Parisian rapid transit system RER, a subway is also being built. A Liebherr LB 24 rotary drilling rig, belonging to the company Franki Fondation Groupe Fayat, was used for laying the foundation. The LB 24 installed piles with lengths of up to 30 meters and diameters of approximately 1,500 millimeters, using the Kelly drilling method. Beams of 2 meters in width, 4 meters in height and 20 meters in length are now being placed upon the piles.

Its performance, easy transportation and fast assembly made the LB 24 a perfect machine for the project. Considering the limited space on the construction site, the drilling rig’s compact design was a key advantage.

The LB 24 belongs to the LB series of Liebherr rotary drilling rigs. The machine is equipped with a 270 kW diesel engine. The leader system and robust kinematics of the LB 24, with a large cross section, are unique technical features. In addition, the rotary drilling rig is equipped with the BAT rotary drive, manufactured by Liebherr, which offers a torque of 270 kNm. The main advantages of the hydraulic drive, according to Liebherr, are automated torque adjustment, continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges.

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