Atlas Copco Secoroc now holds all-time world records in 41 categories of Hart Energy’s Drillbit Records–24 for superior rate of penetration (ROP) and 17 for single-run endurance in down-the-hole hammer bits. The Hart Energy 2015 update was recently released.

Hart Energy’s drilling data from the country’s oil and gas basins is the most comprehensive and reliable documentation of tool performance in the country, according to Gene Mattila, business line manager for Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools. Drillbit Records lists different types and sizes of bits in three categories – single run drill feet, cumulative drill feet and rate of penetration (ROP).

“These records are important gauges to demonstrate penetration and reliability in the various stratigraphies, setting the bar for product development, and assuring consistency of product performance and service,” Mattila says. “Speed and reliability are the two most dominant factors that affect overall drilling time and costs, as well as contribute to improved safety exposure, and reduced energy.”

U.S. customers have been especially successful with 12 ¼-, 8 ¾- and 8 ?-, inch directional nudge work in the Northeast, according to Justin Kieffer, technical services engineer for Atlas Copco Mining, Rock Excavation, and Construction.  He says customers using down-the-hole hammers for their nudges are saving money by finishing wells faster, which lowers their daily rig operation costs on each well.

Many of the Atlas Copco Secoroc records in the Hart Energy listing were set within the Marcellus and Utica shale plays. Records for 8 ¾- and 8 ?-inch bit sizes commonly attained runs of 3,000 or more feet, depending on formation conditions. For example an 8 ¾-inch bit drilled 5,288 feet at an average ROP of 179.49 ft/hr. A 12 ¼-inch DTH bit went for 1,955 feet at 252.26 ft/hr.

Drilling contractors and operators provided bit-run sheets with performance data to verify the model, location and drilling conditions for each world record. The information for Atlas Copco products and for tooling from other manufacturers is made available for the benefit of all drillers in the upstream, midstream or downstream energy exploration and production sectors.

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