A special offer from ETR Laboratories and the Water Systems Council gives a 25 percent discount towards the cost of a health scan water well testing kit.

The promotion, meant for private water well owners, can be accessed online at WSC Health Scan Special using the code: 38WD66, or by calling ETR Laboratories at (800) 344-9977 and mentioning the offer. The discount is good through September 3, 2014.

ETR Laboratories’ water well testing kit includes complete microbiological analysis to detect bacteria, mold, fungi and parasites that could make well water unhealthy. The health scan checks for six metals, 19 inorganic parameters including radon, and 61 volatile organic compounds typically found in household goods.

Annual testing of private water wells is recommended by the Water Systems Council. Wells that have experienced recent flooding could be contaminated by pollutants from floodwater. Wells in drought-stricken areas may experience a change in water quality due to declining water well yields.

Well owners can join the wellcare Well Owners Network to receive discounts on water test kits, access to the wellcare hotline (888) 395-1033, quarterly newsletters with well maintenance tips and nearly 100 information sheets with detailed information on well care. Membership is free.

For more information, visit wellcarehotline.com.