Boart Longyear has been awarded a contract to drill for the Magnum NGLs (natural gas liquids) storage project at central Utah’s Western Energy Hub.

“Development of the Magnum NGLs Storage Project demands a drilling services partner with world-class equipment and experienced personnel,” says Samuel Quigley, Magnum general manager. “Boart Longyear was the natural choice to meet the unique challenges of this site.”

Magnum is building the first underground salt cavern NGLs storage facility in the Rocky Mountain region. Boart Longyear will use its largest drill rig, the LM700 model, to drill two injection wells using the dual-tube flooded reverse-circulation method.

The company is proud to be selected for such a regionally significant project, according to Jason Lamb, Boart Longyear U.S. and Mexico territory contract manager. “With our dual-tube flooded reverse drilling technique, we will be able to penetrate the difficult loss circulation zones that have plagued previous drilling projects in this area for years.”

The project includes construction of solution-mined storage caverns in a salt dome approximately 3,000 feet below the natural surface. The storage facility will feature two caverns, each capable of storing between 1 and 2 million barrels (mmbbl) of NGLs such as propane and butane. It will also provide loading and off-loading options for truck or rail.

The company previously drilled two injection wells and smaller water wells for the Western Energy Hub site, along with exploration drilling and pumps services.

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