Franklin Electric has release what it calls a “complete, one-box, system solution” to build a solar-powered water well system.

The SubDrive SolarPAK includes a solar-powered controller, a submersible pump and a motor, and a flow switch. Franklin says using a solar PV array to power the system, which has ratings ranging from 5 to 90 gpm, makes it ideal for applications where a traditional power grid is unavailable or unreliable.

Franklin also has available system support software available at, its solar-dedicated website. The system’s Solar Selector allows input of location information and water requirements to help cater the SubDrive SolarPAK to the application at hand. The Solar Selector also recommends panel array configurations based on user input.

Franklin developed the SubDrive SolarPAK based on customer research and solid design principles, and put it through its paces during more than a year of testing in global markets. The system, Franklin says, have proven to be “robust and reliable in a wide variety of weather and application conditions.”

The SubDrive SolarPAK is now available for residential and light commercial customers in North, Central and South American markets, excluding Brazil.

Franklin Electric offers an array of systems and components for moving water and automotive fuels. It serves residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal customers around the world.

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