Schramm announced this month that the company won certification from the American Petroleum Institute, an internationally recognized mark of rigorous quality standards.
The API is a trade group that represents producers, refiners, suppliers, pipeline operators and others across the spectrum of the oil and gas industry. Schramm is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic drill rigs for energy, water, mining, geothermal and other applications.
Schramm says the API performed an in-depth audit in late 2012 at the company’s West Chester, Penn., facilities, and found the highest quality in all aspects of its design engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment processes. The audit was the culmination of two years of Schramm working with the API.
Schramm now carries the following certifications for the design and manufacture of drilling and well-servicing equipment: API-Q1, ISO-9001:2008, ISO/TS 29001, API-4F, API-8C and API-7K. The first three show compliance with internationally recognized quality management system requirements – ensuring consistent products and services across all markets Schramm serves. The last three specifications relate to subsets of equipment in Schramm’s product line for the oil and gas industry.
The first three specifications (API-Q1, ISO-9001:2008 and ISO/TS 29001) certify that Schramm complies with internationally recognized quality management system requirements. This helps us ensure that our design, manufacturing and order fulfillment processes consistently satisfy our customers across all markets served; including energy, mineral exploration, geothermal and water well drilling.
While the first three specifications above relate to Schramm as an organization, API-4F, API-8C and API-7K relate directly to specific key equipment subsets typically found on Schramm Telemast rigs utilized in the oil & gas industry.
  • API-4F covers derricks, masts, crown block assemblies and substructures.
  • API-8C includes hoisting sheaves, power swivels, wire-line anchors, pressure vessels and piping mounted onto hoisting equipment.
  • API-7K relates to rotary bushings.
Schramm says it’s committed to supporting documentation requirements for Telemast rig owners as regulatory requirements grow within the oil and gas industry.
Schramm rigs are made in the USA, and in use around the world.