The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has announced updated editions to two of its manuals of water supply practices –Water Meters – Selection, Installation, Testing and MaintenanceandComputer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems.

Accurate water metering is the means by which water utilities produce revenue to cover expenses and equitably charge customers. Meters that are not sized correctly, maintained properly or replaced before they become too inaccurate typically under-register customer water usage, limiting a utility’s ability to generate income.

With such issues in mind,Water Meters – Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance, is written, reviewed and approved for publication by AWWA members who are meter authorities. As a one-stop meter resource, the manual covers all types of water meters used in residential, commercial, industrial and fire service applications, plus new information on single-jet and fluidic-oscillator meters, along with the latest, AWWA-approved procedures for installation, testing, maintenance and repair of meters.

Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systemsaddresses water utility tools for managing and operating a water distribution system. Newly revised, the manual shows how to build an accurate computer model of a water distribution system and how to use modeling to solve many problems of hydraulics and water quality. The newly updated third edition has everything needed to know about basic distribution system modeling. Written by AWWA’s engineering modeling and applications committee, the new edition goes through the modeling process from start to finish, and includes predicting pressures and flows; evaluating layouts and designs; solving operating problems; investigating control schemes; size components; analyzing flushing programs; analyzing pipe maintenance and rehabilitation programs; and calculating energy costs and analyzing water quality.

Both updated additions to AWWA’s manuals of water supply practices series are available in AWWA’s online store at