For Pitless Drilling

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products’ SYSTEM 360 unit uses a combination of mechanical and chemical separation to improve the quality and increase the productive life of the drilling fluid. By completely removing the problematic cuttings from just a fraction of the total drilling fluid volume, the SYSTEM 360 unit is able to actively maintain the desired average mud weight/density ~1.02-1.04 SG. This unit only needs to be operated when regular mud weight checks indicate a steady rise in density. Mud weight is used to set thresholds at which users would be required to run the unit. The SYSTEM 360 unit also is equipped with a high-performance mud mixing system, which, when coupled with a suitable above-ground storage tank, can provide a complete closed loop, pitless drilling fluid system.

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, Card No. 200

DTH/Rotary Combination

The new Secoroc PARD system from Atlas Copco combines a high-frequency, low-impact DTH hammer, and a specially designed tricone drill bit mounted on a standard rotary drill rig and drill string. The hammer is designed to operate on pressures from 50 psi to 110 psi. The PARD’s parallel air-flow system distributes the air proportionately between the hammer and the tricone drill bit. Two models currently are available – Secoroc PARD 10 for 97⁄8-inch, 105⁄8-inch and 11-inch hole diameters; and Secoroc PARD 12 for 12-inch-diameter holes. A comprehensive selection of tricone bits is available for each hammer size.

Atlas Copco, Card No. 201

PVC Well Casing

CertainTeed Certa-Lok PVC well casing is designed for lining as well as monitoring of potable drinking water wells. Certa-Lok utilizes a spline-locking design to form a full-strength joint instantly in all weather conditions. It does not require the use of solvents, arc welding or reinforcement screw attachments. The pipe provides a restrained joint by utilizing precision-machined grooves on the pipe and in the coupling/integral bell, which, when aligned, allow a spline to be inserted, resulting in a fully circumferential restrained joint that locks the pipes together. A flexible elastomeric seal (O-ring) in the coupling and/or integral bell provides a hydraulic seal.

CertainTeed Corp., Card No. 202

R.O. Water System

The Eclipse reverse osmosis drinking water system from Water-Right utilizes a manifold plate that directs the flow of water through each of the filtration steps. The manifold directs water through a sediment carbon pre-filter, which ensures chlorine-free and particle-free water in the first step of the filtration process. Water then is directed through a membrane, which acts as a filter to trap and isolate contaminants to produce water with substantially reduced dissolved solids invisible to the naked eye. From the membrane, the water is channeled through a carbon post filter, which removes and absorbs contaminants that can slip by the membrane, acting as a secondary filtration process. The water then is stored in the pressure tank for on-demand use.

Water-Right Inc., Card No. 203

Drop Pipe Sealant

Enviro-Guard drop pipe lubricant and sealant from Jet-Lube Inc. aids in the assembly of downhole casing for water wells. Its high film strength protects against galling, and a high-solids content accommodates thread seal design requirements. It is metal-free, biodegradable and environmentally safe. As the connection is assembled, excess material will extrude out, leaving behind a thin film to work as the sealant and lubricant to seal the threads and allow disassembly later. Enviro-Guard’s service rating: -20 degrees F to 500 degrees F.

Jet-Lube Inc., Card No. 204

Reverse-circulation Swivels

Skytex swivels from Rex McFadden Co. are intended for use in reverse-circulation applications. They are offered in sizes with a water course of four inches or six inches, and from 20-ton to 150-ton rotating conditions. Each swivel is designed for V-type chevron packaging, and has a stainless steel wash pipe. They are made to facilitate in-the-field maintenance, and all packing and bearings are of shelf supply or can be shipped overnight to most areas.

Rex McFadden Co., Card No. 205