Flexcon Industries’ Mixmaster Baffle Tank incorporates an inner baffle and diffuser inside the composite retention tanks, and comes in 80-gallon and 119-gallon sizes.

Flexcon Industries calls the Mixmaster tank’s design “revolutionary,” adding that it increases retention time for water treatment by up to four times over a standard contact tank. This is due to the tank’s patented internal baffle and a diffuser that redirects the water and boosts the mixing of water and injected chemicals. The turbulence created by the baffle increases treatment time by a baffle factor of 0.8, close to four times more effective than tanks without baffles. The independent Water Quality Association has confirmed these results through third-party tests. The company says the tanks, available in 80 and 119 gallons, are installer and maintenance friendly.
Flexcon Industries, a member of the Swan Group, calls itself a world leader in the design and manufacture of pre-pressurized diaphragm tanks for water storage applications. For more information on the Mixmaster tanks and Flexcon, visit www.flexconind.com.