Atlas Copco Secoroc's PrimO pilot bits offer a range of features, including a contoured shirttail and dual-seals, and a record of high-performance field tests.

PrimO pilot bits employ enhanced features to increase the bearing and cutting structure life of the current pilot bit design. They feature a contoured shirttail to reduce heat on the seal area and carbide inserts on the shirttail to increase shirttail and seal life. They also employ a dual-seal arrangement for longer seal life. That means longer running hours in the pilot hole.
In addition, the PrimO design incorporates extremely hard carbide on the cone gage bevels coupled with enhanced carbide on the gage of the bit to reduce wear and improve gage life. Improved gage life means longer pilot holes with fewer trips for the customer and overall faster penetration rate as the insert retains shape longer. PrimO pilot bits also utilize proprietary synthetic lubricants for higher loads, longer bearing life and increased RPM.
The combined features of the PrimO bit have shown field test performance 30 percent higher than the standard product in difficult ground conditions. For more information, visit