GeoSmart introduces compact multi loop feeder and pump puller to North American drilling industry at CanWell conference in Hamilton, Ontario.

GeoSmart Energy has acquired a new multi loop and pump handler designed specifically for geothermal drilling applications, but with additional applications for the water well industry. Compact, the GeoSmart Push’N Pull helps simplify the installation of geothermal pipes in vertical drill applications. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, it facilitates the drilling of 1 1/4-inch geothermal pipes by generating the power of four men and allowing for the simultaneous installation of the pipe and grout tremie line. It is designed to clamp into the breakout table in most existing drill rigs in a matter of minutes, and runs off the rig’s existing hydraulics. Weighing only 176 pounds, the multi loop and pump handler will both push and pull so that pipe can be extracted from the hole in the event of a blockage.