Ove Arup & Partners Ltd. and Auckland UniServices Ltd. have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop global earth science, geothermal and geophysical engineering consultancy services. The two organizations plan to collaborate in developing a joint capability to provide earth science and micro-seismic consultancy services globally. The resulting unified capability, or deep geology business, will deliver underground investigation and monitoring services.

The partnership, managed by a steering group comprising senior leaders from both organizations, will focus on consultancy in geothermal and geophysical services, including seismic surveying and monitoring. At the same time, both parties will actively seek opportunities for investment in research.

“It is a privilege to work with an academic institution that is at the forefront of world-class research,” says Duncan Nicholson, Arup’s geotechnics director. “Arup brings commercial, project management and complementary technical skills to the collaboration that places us in a unique position to apply academic research across the deep geology sectors. We are addressing increasingly complex issues where it is imperative to have a detailed understanding of background micro-seismicity, and to identify and maximize risk and hazard management for the environment and for all communities.”

“We welcome extending our commercial services in subsurface exploration, borehole seismology, custom borehole instrumentation, reservoir monitoring and advanced modeling,” says UniServices’ director of business, Gary Putt. “We look forward to developing a joint capability addressing geo-hazards and the environment, and benefiting from our significant experience in reservoir modeling, seismic risk, and volcanic hazards.”