Skanska Finland has signed an agreement to purchase 100 percent of the shares of fellow Finnish construction company Soraset Yhtiöt Oy. Soraset is a civil construction company working with mainly infrastructure projects. It has about 270 employees, and last year the company’s net revenue was approximately $1.4 million USD.

“Soraset has a very good reputation in Finland, and will complement Skanska’s civil business in an excellent way – geographically as well as operationally,” says Skanska’s Juha Hetemäki. “The acquisition will also make us stronger and more competitive on the major infrastructure projects.”

”Operations of Soraset has grown and become more versatile during the past 10 years,” says Soraset’s Petri Uitus. “At this moment, we consider that the best solution for Soraset is to join a strong global company.”