From very humble beginnings, Malcolm Drilling Co., San Francisco, has experienced growth over the past five decades to its present position as a preeminent specialty foundation contractor in the world.

Malcolm Drilling began with a single truck-mounted drill rig performing small projects. This early business was successful, and continued to grow with further purchases of equipment, and with the addition of a cadre of operators and laborers that found steady work with Malcolm Drilling. Hard work and the delivery of a quality, on-time product were the keys to the steady growth of this company.

Today, Malcolm has a $180 million equipment fleet that includes limited-access rigs that can walk through a factory door or climb a slope, and large drill rigs capable of drilling holes up to 18 feet in diameter and up to 300 feet deep. In addition to the more standard drill rigs, Malcolm Drilling also has expanded its fleet to include jet-grouting, deep-soil-mixing, and Omega-displacement pile rigs.

Malcolm Drilling also has expanded into the Pacific and South America with Malcolm Drilling Pacific and Malcolm Drilling International.