During the week of Oct. 10, more than 20 foundation repair contractors from all over North America attended a commercial sales and marketing training course at Foundation Supportworks in Omaha, Neb. The training focused on various sales and marketing strategies associated with commercial construction as it relates to deep foundation solutions, as well as understanding the commitment and realities of commercial foundation work.

A variety of topics were covered during the three-day training, including helical pile and tieback installation procedures, communicating effectively with engineers and architects, technical knowledge, reading project specifications and plans, and out-serving the competition, among others. Aside from classroom discussions, the participants also spent time in the field observing a helical pile load test to better understand the correlation between product capacities and soil conditions.

Those in attendance enjoyed the opportunity of networking with other foundation repair professionals from across North America, while also sharing best practices on the most effective ways to grow their commercial divisions.