ITT Corp. has announced the appointment of Colin Sabol to lead strategy and business development for the standalone publicly traded water company it will spin off later this year. Sabol currently is responsible for strategy and business development for ITT’s Fluid and Motion Control group, and will continue to lead the company’s strategy, marketing, business planning, mergers and acquisitions, product development and organic growth initiatives.

"We’re pleased to have Colin on board to ensure the success of our new water company. Colin has been instrumental in driving market-beating organic growth and has led acquisitions that have positioned us as a leader in the global water market,” says Gretchen McClain, president of ITT Fluid and Motion Control, and future CEO of the new water company.

Sabol joined ITT in 2006 as vice president, marketing and business development, a position he held until March 2009 when his role was expanded to include responsibility for the motion control businesses. During his time at ITT, Sabol has revitalized the strategy and marketing functions, resulting in organic growth nearly twice that of the market. He has elevated sales, marketing and product management performance across seven global businesses, and has closed more than 20 acquisitions.