On the strength of rapid sales growth and excellent on-time/complete delivery rates, Pentair has been recognized as True Value Co.’s 2010 Partner of the Year. True Value, one of the world’s largest hardware cooperatives with more than 4,700 retail locations, awards this title to only one of its 1,800 vendors at its annual vendor award banquet, which recently was held in Chicago.

According to Dan Borah, vice president of sales for Pentair, the competition always is strong, and involves vendors from all categories, including hardware, paint, storage and electrical., “Not only did Pentair win Partner of the Year, but we also took the top honor in our specific category – plumbing,” says Borah. “We couldn’t be happier with the deep partnership we have at all levels within the True Value Company, and the results can be seen at the independent retailer locations.”

These results include a 35-percent increase in retail sales at point-of-sale, margin expansion, consistent shipments with on-time/complete delivery rates at 95 percent or better, and participation in several key retailer-support programs.

Responsiveness is Key

According to Pentair national account manager Rocky Slaughter, the ability to respond quickly to True Value’s needs is Pentair’s primary focus. “For example, 2010 had unprecedented storms across the United States that drove unforeseen consumer need for sump and utility pumps we manufacture for True Value,” Slaughter says. “During this record demand, our fill rates remained over 95 percent. Pentair truly is the leader in storm response.”  

Slaughter attributes Pentair’s responsiveness to on-shore manufacturing of many high-volume product lines. “Local domestic manufacturing is often the difference between filling those emergency orders or disappointing your best customers,” Slaughter says. “To become the most desired provider for a premier retailer like True Value, on-shore manufacturing is a must-have. Of course, you still need market-leading brands, a broad product line and responsive service. The bar is set high.”