Greenscape Capital Group Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, announces that the geothermal boreholes have been completed at the Denver Greenpark LLC (GP) green parking facility.

The geothermal system at GP will be used to heat and cool the portion of the parking facility that is indoor and climate-controlled.

Seven boreholes were drilled on-site, each to a depth of approximately 300 feet. The boreholes were drilled with a 4.75-inch bit, and loaded with 1-inch diameter high-density polyethylene geo-loop, and then grouted with thermal enhanced grout. During the heating season, the circulated fluid temperature will drop, and during the cooling season, the loop field temperature will be increased. Typical temperatures of the loop field will range between 40 degrees F to 75 degrees F, depending on weather. The work was completed by Rogers & Sons Inc., based out of Denver.

In addition to the geothermal heating and cooling system, other green features at GP include a solar power array and wind turbines for power generation, LED lighting and electric vehicle charging stations.