A new technology for providing clean water anywhere it’s needed will be commercially available May 20. The Hydra is the world’s first mobile water purification and community energy station system powered by hydrogen produced by solar energy.

In today's world, a lack of access to a stable supply of virus-free water means that hundreds of thousands of people die every year from waterborne illness. The Hydra can bring relief and 20,000 gallons of clean water a day to areas in need, and generate electricity and hospital-grade oxygen at the same time. Using solar/hydrogen power, the Hydra can convert polluted water to 100-percent virus- and bacteria-free drinking water.

The Hydra was developed and built by The Essential Element, which consists of water system innovators Brad Carlson and David Squires, and renewable hydrogen pioneer, Mike Strizki. It is unique in the field of water purification because it combines water purification with a solar/hydrogen fuel cell power that can deliver electrical energy from stored hydrogen and a hydrogen fuel cell.

Orders are being taken for commercially available models starting at $99,500.