Faradyne Motors, a joint venture between ITT Corp. and Pentair Water, announces that it has manufactured and sold one million submersible motors. Headquartered in Newark, N.Y., Faradyne was formed in 2005 to produce a new generation of reliable high-quality motors.

The milestone marks 5 years of successful partnership. Pentair Water sells Faradyne motors under the PENTEK brand, while ITT sells them under the CentriPro brand. Drawing upon the technical expertise and resources of both ITT and Pentair Water, Faradyne is backed by more than 250 years of collective pump and motor experience.

Pentair Water’s PENTEK motors and ITT’s CentriPro motor offerings have expanded to include models from 1/2-HP to 5-HP in single-phase and up to 7.5-HP three-phase models. Both are available through a network of more than 5,000 authorized dealers throughout North America.