In early June 2010, Preferred Pump purchased selected assets and inventories of Pulstar Mfg. Albin Janecek, the founder and owner of Pulstar, and all Pulstar employees now are Preferred Pump employees.

Janecek notes, “This is a very significant step forward for Pulstar. Preferred Pump is recognized as a strong and devoted company in the in the water well industry. We will strive to continue that tradition and continue to grow the business. The combination of the strength of Preferred Pump and the manufacturing expertise of Pulstar should help ensure both our companies growth in the future.”

The Preferred Pump/Pulstar location and contact information:
278 CR 4
Dodge, Neb. 68633

As with all Preferred Pump locations, purchase orders will be initiated from both the new Dodge, Neb., location as well as the corporate office in Fort Worth, Texas.