Major League Baseball's Minnesota Twins and Pentair Inc., in conjunction with sports sponsorship agency GreenMark, have announced plans to implement a new sustainable water solution in sports.

The Twins and Pentair, the Minneapolis-based water solutions leader, are partnering to spotlight the global issue of water by setting a new standard for water use in sports facilities. Pentair will donate and install a custom-designed rain water recycle system (RWRS) that will capture, conserve and reuse rain water at Target Field, the new home of the Minnesota Twins in April 2010. Pentair's RWRS is estimated to reduce the need for municipal water at Target Field by more than 50 percent, helping the ballpark to qualify for LEED certification, and saving more than 2 million gallons of water annually.

Under a multi-year sponsorship agreement, Pentair will be "The Official Sustainable Water Provider" for the Minnesota Twins organization and Target Field. Pentair technology will purify rainwater to a level equal to or better than municipal tap water standards. The system is designed to allow the Minnesota Twins to recycle and conserve water used to wash down the lower decks of the stadium and irrigate the ball field. Additionally, Pentair's Everpure tap water filtration systems will be installed in each Target Field suite, as well as in administrative offices and training rooms, to enhance water quality, and reduce the use of plastic bottled drinking water.

"Water is a leading global environmental issue but has received only limited attention in sports. Today, the Minnesota Twins are proud to introduce a new environmental standard in sports that moves beyond waste and clean energy solutions to address water scarcity and quality, some of the most pressing environmental concerns of our time," says Twins president Dave St. Peter. "While clean water is a global issue, it really hits home for Twins fans in the City of Lakes, the Land of 10,000 Lakes and the Great Lakes Region. With Pentair's cutting-edge technology and GreenMark's enlightened approach to sponsorship, we are excited to launch an entirely new category of sports sponsorship that is a win-win for the environment and sports franchises."

The two organizations hope to raise awareness among baseball fans and the general public about the issues of water scarcity and quality.

"We are pleased to partner with the Minnesota Twins, and offer our hometown team a sustainable water solution that is a first in the nation, at any sports venue," says Randall Hogan, Pentair chairman and chief executive officer. "We hope to create awareness of water quality and scarcity issues, and educate the public about conservation and available technologies."

The first-of-its-kind sponsorship was developed by GreenMark, a Minneapolis-based environmental sports marketing and green sponsorship agency.