Jim McClain, president of McClain's Shallow Wells Inc., has been elected to the position of Southeast Director of the Georgia Association of Groundwater Professionals (GAGP).

The GAGP is a non-profit organization whose members are ground water contractors, water well drillers and well product suppliers. Its mission is to provide information, direction and training in order to provide for responsible, professional and sustainable development of Georgia ground water resources. It also represents member's interest to the Georgia Legislature, and provides training for state certification of well drillers and pump installers through the Georgia Water Well Advisory Council.

McClain began work at the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography in 1978. During this time, he began drilling geothermal and pollution monitoring wells with Geothermics Inc. of Savannah, Ga. He then founded his own company, McClain's Shallow Wells Inc., in 1992. Since its inception McClain’s Shallow Wells has drilled more than 4,000 shallow wells.