Grundfos has named Andrew Warrington as the new president of Peerless Pump Co. and its subsidiaries. Dean Douglas, former president and CEO of Peerless and Yeomans Chicago Corp., has decided to leave Peerless and Grundfos for a CEO position with a non-competing public company.

Warrington has held the top positions at Peerless in the service, engineering, marketing, operations and sales functions. Most recently, he has overseen the International business and the Integration efforts of Peerless into the global Grundfos Group. A veteran of 20 years in the pump industry, Warrington has worked in SIHI Pumps in the UK and Peerless Pump Co. in Indianapolis.

Commenting on the transition, Jes Munk Hansen says, “Although we are sad to say good-bye to Dean Douglas, Grundfos is delighted that we could select someone from within the team that created that success as his natural successor as president of Peerless. Andrew has done all of the top sales and operations jobs in Peerless; he knows the business and the people well. We expect him to be able to continue to strengthen the business and the team in the future. We are even more excited about the growth potential Peerless enjoys within the Grundfos Group.”

Warrington says, “I am delighted to take up the challenge of leading Peerless. From the past 11 years, I know that I am privileged to work with one of the best teams in the business and for a great company. The future looks very bright for both of our companies, and it is certain that Peerless within Grundfos will be making a major positive impact for our customers around the world in the future.” Grundfos Pumps Corp. is a global pump and pumping systems firm. Its brands include Alldos, Hilge, PACO Pumps, Peerless Pumps and Yeomans Chicago Corp.