Geothermal technology is an increasingly viable clean energy alternative for heating and cooling in Saskatchewan, thanks to a new loan and rebate program recently announced by the provincial government.

  Loans of up to $50,000 now are available through SaskPower Eneraction while the province’s Energy Efficiency Rebate for New Homes program has been bolstered offering rebates of up to $3,500 to residents who install a geothermal system in a new energy efficient home. The government also has added a 10-percent incentive to its net metering program for residents who want to power their homes using green sources like wind or solar.  

  “This announcement places Saskatchewan at the forefront in progressive policy on renewable green energy,” says David Anderson, alternative energy engineer, Solar Outpost Inc. “The loan and rebate program will make it economically viable for residents to switch to clean energy, and that’s great news for the environment and for people seeking cost-effective, energy-efficient alternatives."

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