The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Annual Convention & Exposition takes place Nov. 5-8 in Austin, Texas. The program provides a unique opportunity for industry experts to examine and discuss the forces driving water treatment today. Gain the insight necessary to grow your business, meet other professionals, learn about the latest industry advances, and find out about the issues impacting the water treatment business today.

Some highlights of the program:
  • Keynote speaker Brian Parsley, of Gitomer Inc., provides real-world insights into the connection between employee behavior and bottom-line results.

  • Green 101: A panel of experts explains green as defined by various groups in our society. Discussion will attempt to define the basics of greener water treatment as it applies to AWT members.

  • A Greener Cooling Water Technologies track, during which, topics such as controlled release, chlorine dioxide, electrolytic bromine, green chemical additives, THPS and peroxyacetic acid will be discussed.

  • A business track where presenters will look at the shrinking industrial bases in America, creating quality service reports and calculation sheets, and a session that provides a broad overview of insurance considerations.

  • Presentations on new advances in water treatment, reverse osmosis, optimizing controller capabilities, legionella, biocides, blended water, online water analysis and new chemistries in high stress cooling water conditions.
    For complete details, visit, or telephone 301-740-1421.