Keller Group, a global specialist in ground engineering, announced early this month that Director Bob Rubright would step down.
Rubright joined Keller when the company acquired Hayward Baker in 1984 and joined Keller's board in 2003 after serving as managing director of Keller North America.
“We are indebted to Bob for his enormous contribution to the Group and I am delighted that we will have continued access to his wisdom and experience in the medium term,” said Keller Chairman Roy Franklin. As part of the planned retirement, Rubright has agreed to remain involved part-time after he stands down.
Rubright's position on the board will not be filled. John Rubright will succeed Bob Rubright as managing director of Keller North America. John Rubright has worked with the Keller Group since 1986, and served as president of Hayward Baker, which makes up more than 50 percent of the group’s North American business.
Keller-a market leader in the U.S. and Australia-touts itself as the world’s largest ground engineering specialist offering foundation solutions to the construction industry. It has more than $2 billion in annual revenue and about 7,000 employees worldwide.

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