Lifewater Drilling Technology designed the LDT 360 for versatile and portable use in developing countries as a solution for access to potable water.

Lifewater Drilling Technology saw a problem: the need for potable water in developing countries. The LDT 360 is the company's solution to that problem. The compact, hydraulically driven percussion cable tool drill rig has a 400-foot depth capability for well installation, and is also great for well servicing, swabbing and remediation. The rig’s affordable price of under $60,000 promotes easy entry into the water well drilling business.
The rig emphasizes portability. Two of them will fit in a standard shipping container and one is small enough to tow behind a pickup truck. The company says many components are available from third-party vendors around the world, making the LDT 360 easy to service and maintain. The unit includes locking tool storage and, because it's a cable tool rig, works without a mud pump or air compressor to further reduce costs.

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